1.BIDDING: All bidding is conducted in Canadian dollars. 

2.Lots are sold to the highest bidder at one advance over the second highest bidder. The lot will be purchased for you at the lowest price bidding allows. The minimum bid accepted is $1

3.The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid. In the event of any dispute, the Auctioneer’s decision shall be final. Submitting a bid constitutes acceptance of all Terms of Sale.

4.BUYERS PREMIUM: A buyers premium of 10% will be added to the hammer price and becomes part of the total purchase price.

5.SHIPPING: Postage costs and registration fees are additional, and will be added to the invoice total.

6.TAXES: A 5% Federal GST OR (12% to 15%  HST for BC, ON, NB, NS and NFLD) charge is applicable on the invoice total for all Canadian residents.

7.PAYMENT: The invoice and auction lots are sent to successful bidders known to us. For all others, an invoice is sent in advance, and the auction lots forwarded upon receipt of payment. In all cases, Terms of Sale are cash upon receipt of invoice. Payment can be made by personal cheque, bank draft, bank or Post Office money order, or by INTERAC e-transfer. Paypal can also be used but this method incurs a processing fee of 4%. For our USA customers we provide a US$ equivalent amount which includes a  3% conversion premium to pay for the bank's fee of conversion to Can$. USA customers are encouraged to pay with a personal check in US$ drawn on a US bank, or bank draft in Can$. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are NO longer able to accept credit card payments.

8.GUARANTEE: Lots are guaranteed to be genuine and as represented. Mis-described lots may be returned for full credit, only if the lots are returned intact, within seven days of receipt, otherwise they cannot be recognized. Lots containing five or more items are not returnable for any reason. Stamps described as having defects are not returnable on account of their condition.

9.EXTENSION: If a prospective purchaser wishes to obtain another expert opinion, acceptable to us, the auctioneer must be notified in writing, at the time of placing a bid. If a negative opinion is received within 120 days, the purchase price will be refunded in full including the cost of certification (to a limit of $40.). The inability of an expert committee to render an opinion on a lot is insufficient grounds for its return. 

10: Until paid in full all lots remain the property of Ocean Park Auction on behalf of the selller.

11: The buyer assumes all risk for delivery of the purchased lots.


$1-$20  by $1,  $20-$40  by $2,  $40-$150  by $5,  $150-$300  by $10,  $300-$750  by $25, $750-$2000  by $50,  $2000-$4000  by $100


VG Very good
VG-F Very good to fine
F Fine
F-VF fine to very fine.
VF very fine
NG no gum
OG original gum
NH never hinged
LH light hinged
HR hinge remnant(s)
S sheet
SS souvenir sheet
* mint
o used
B block
BK complete booklet
BP booklet pane
cds circular date stamp
CTO cancelled to order
cv catalogue value
ERD Earliest recorded date
Est estimate
FDC first day cover
FFC first flight cover
LRD Latest recorded date
MP miniature pane
MS matched set
ms manuscript
op overprint
PB plate block
PR proof
RF rarity factor
SE straight edge
SON socked on the nose
SP specimen
WR wrapper


USC Unitrade Canada Specialized
PERF Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials 
SC Scott Standard (U.S. Funds)
SP Standard Canada Precancel
VD Van Dam Revenue 
W Webb Postal Stationery
COUTTS Coutts Slogan Postmarks
D/S Day & Smythies Fancy Cancels
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