The Live Bidder Program:


The "Live Bidder" software allows you to take part in the auction as it happens on the Sale Date.
This software is only to be used to bid during the actual auction sale, you may bid prior to the sale by sending your bids via email.
In order to use this program you must first be registered at Ocean Park Stamp Auction, by providing your Name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.

You must also choose a user name and password you wish to use to access the program, send those to Ocean Park Auction via email ( and they will be entered in our computer. I will then send you the link to the program which you can download and setup on your computer. There is a practice auction which can be run to test the Live Bidder program. It will only work on a PC computer or on a Mac running PC emulation software.

If you have any questions send an email to David or call Telephone: 206-905-9925

Ocean Park Stamp Auction
Telephone: 206-905-9925 
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