Payments Using Non-Canadian Funds

An explanation concerning payment using Foreign (non Canadian) Funds

All Invoices are payable in Canadian Dollars.

However, as a convenience to foreign buyers I offer alternatives:

1: Payment by personal check in US$ drawn on a US Bank. (3% surcharge)
2: Payment by personal Cheque in GB Pounds drawn on a UK Bank. (3% surcharge)
3: Payment by Paypal. (4% surcharge) 
4: Payment via credit card. Not accepted

The Additional costs associated with these payments as shown above are fees charged by the Banks to process the payments and convert the funds into Canadian Dollars. These surcharges go to the bank as fees and I end up with the original Invoice amount in Canadian Dollars.
Your Invoice shows the Non Canadian amount in which the exchange rate (on the date of the auction) plus the conversion costs are included. 

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